Ideal Home in Turkey has embarked on a bold adventure, going beyond a traditional brokerage and building upon the decades of experience, providing superior real estate services and optimal results for a meaningful and productive career.

Though Ideal Home in Turkey is new, its roots are firmly planted in the years of exceptional accomplishments. We are the leading international real estate company in the region, Ideal Home in Turkey is driven by the passion to serve with the purpose of helping anyone striving to achieve their professional and personal dreams.

Our goal is to promote an agent centric environment with positive people and healthy attitudes, offering the best support, tools, programs and technology for you to provide an outstanding experience when serving your clients in matters of real estate.

Ideal Home in Turkey aims to provide Ideal Home in Turkey employees a working environment where they can be happy and further develop themselves, knowing that our most valuable resource is human capital.

We believe that passion comes from success and we are always looking for positive and passionate people to work with. Our Human Resources Policy is;

1) Employer Branding

By building a powerful employer branding, we aim at creating an atmosphere in Ideal Home in Turkey that will make the company a preferred company where the employees’ dedication is strong due to high contentment that causes them to recommend the company outside as a brand.

2) Selection and Placement

In our selection and placement process, we aim to work under the same roof with applicants who have Ideal Home in Turkey's corporate culture, core competencies and task-specific skills.

3) Appreciation and Rewarding

It is essential to form a rewarding culture at Ideal Home in Turkey through this process, which enhances the employees’ dedication to the company. 

4) Wage and Vested Benefits

When the wages and vested benefits of Ideal Home in Turkey employees are determined, their competences, the tasks and responsibilities assigned to them, their educational background and work experience are taken into account.

5) Career

The most important criterion for achieving Ideal Home in Turkey strategic targets is Ideal Career Management.

6) Training and Development

Ideal Home in Turkey employees receive competence trainings, which provide a basis for their business objectives and make a contribution to their technical and personal development within the scope of Ideal Academy.